to a new beginning, a fresh experience, a life-time encounter

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We are many nations one family one faith  one hope one love in Christ Jesus

You are priceless!

No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, no matter what you are going through, God cares about you and we are right here for you. You are special. You are exceptional. You are so much more than what you know about yourself. It's time to know the real you.

Your soul is so much more worth than anything you will ever own in your entire life on this earth, even if it means the whole world in gold. Jesus is inviting you to discover why he is so in love with you, why he died for you and how you can take advantage of this knowledge and live a life of joy, peace, power and righteousness in the Holy Spirit. Jesus sees you, he knows you, he knows your name, your family, your background, your career and everything else going on in your life and he wants to reveal to Christianity is so much more than going to Church. There is so much more to see, to hear, to discover and experience about Jesus than what we have ever known. and that is where we come in, to guide you into that supernatural reality and

Every weekend ushers in a fresh encounter of God's glorious presence. Don't miss out! Reserve your seat on time

Worship Services

We have two services every Sunday  at 11:30am and 4pm. We fellowship weekly on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Sunday Worship

A typical service looks like this;

Opening corporate prayers



Sermon (an expository preaching)

Tithes and Offerings

Testimonials and announcements

Final prayers


Friday Prayer meetings

6pm – 9:30pm.

The Friday service is a discipleship gathering in which we pray, study the word, challenge our faith-walk, and ask deep questions on issues facing the modern church. It’s a time of spiritual refreshment, encouragement and devotion to God through the teaching of the Word of God, worship and prayer.

Saturday Service

5pm – 9:30pm.

The Saturday “OPEN HEAVENS “service is an intensive prophetic teaching and worship-centered fellowship. It’s a platform to press into the deep things of God through the word, and worship. In this spiritual atmosphere, the possibilities to encounter and experience first-hand the various dimensions, gifts and workings of the Holy Spirit in our times are unlocked. It is open to everyone, so invite someone, — you are all welcome!

We are not just a church. We are family. We let love lead.


Expect a warm welcome

You are the reason for our being there. We have touched God’s grace, our lives have changed and we would love you to be a part of that experience. We are not perfect. We are ordinary people who know an extraordinary God who does amazing things

Expect a divine encounter

Every church service has a unique grace, a fresh atmosphere, new revelations, new colors and flavors of the kingdom. We are led by the Holy Spirit. Get ready for spontaneous, intense, power-packed sessions with the Holy Spirit.

Expect a spirit-filled sermon

The Word of God is our standard of truth and reference for everything we do. Our personal opinions, achievements, culture or background does not matter. God has a word for you today and the cross is the center of it all.  Learn how God thinks, understand his ways, know his deeds and function in the power and authority of Christ given to you.

Expect modern international worship

We are blessed with quite a number of talented, anointed worshippers and instrumentalists. Expect a combination of western and African praise and worship styles in combination with moments of deep worship and meditation. Be open and ready for a unique, inspiring, liberating and extraordinary worship experience

And if you love to sing or play an instrument, this is a great church to use those gifts in service to the Lord.

Worship with us

We are excited and glad at your decision to worship with us, knowing fully well that no one comes to God and goes back the same way. You won’t regret it

Church Address: Wolf-Hirth-Straße 15, 73730 Esslingen am Neckar


We have no personal parking lot but there is available free parking space along the street.


What kind of music do we play?

Psalms, hymns and melodies, – both old and new, – in both modern, traditional, western and African music styles with interpretation in German.

What do people wear

Most people dress in various attires ranging from business causal, more formal, casual even up to jeans and T-shirts. Dress neat, comfortable and appropriately.

What languages are spoken

Currently, all services are held in English accompanied by simultaneous interpretation in German.

What age groups attend?

Members ranging in age from young singles to elderly people, married couples and young families with young children.

What about childcare?

We offer partial childcare during the worship service. Please contact the kid’s ministry leader for assistance or send us an email for further enquiries.


We are a relatively small congregation of about 80 persons but many more follow our online services


Testimonies uplift, encourage, motivate, build up and strengthen your faith. As you read, believe and trust God to touch your life as well in Jesus name

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