To Set The World on Fire for Jesus

who we are

We are naturally supernatural

Jesus Christ is alive. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He has never changed. His love is steadfast. His mercy is everlasting. His grace is ever beautiful. His faithfulness is great. His kingdom is real. His Lordship is incontestable. His name is all-powerful and we have found grace to be used as vessels to manifest the unending riches and wonders of the Kingdom of God.

Chosen By His Grace

His grace chose us. We don’t see ourselves superior or better than others in any way by our works or deeds. Though weak, mortal and unable, his grace has been abundantly multiplied unto us in all sufficiency, wisdom, and spiritual abilities so that the beauty, the excellence, the riches and truths of the Gospel might be accessible and profitable to all men.  We study the word, we hear the Word, we preach the Word and we live the Word.

We Are International

We are a diverse church made up of believers from a variety of cultural and denominational backgrounds. Many come from far and near but share one common passion; to see the LORD Jesus Christ glorified/exalted in word and power in all the earth. Our congregation is a mix of persons of African, American, European and Asian origin. Besides traditional German speakers, the majority are English-speaking, thus giving us an international touch.

We Are Committed To the Great Commission

In every generation, the LORD Jesus Christ desires to save and draw all men to himself through His body, which is the church.   Our ultimate target and commitment is to save souls by presenting the living LORD Jesus Christ of the Gospel as God, saviour, deliverer, healer and in every other way possible and praying the Holy Spirit to convict and lead people to salvation and into a real, fulfilling relationship with Jesus. Upon this foundation, we teach the word and guide people to grow into maturity in Christ.



Our desire, hunger, love and passion motivates our pursuit of Christ. We are uncompromisingly zealous, dynamic and vibrant.


We honor the Lord, leadership, and one another. We seek to find the good in people, always encouraging and uplifting them.


Jesus came to serve, therefore we will serve: meeting the needs of the church, its people and our community.


We are devoted disciples Jesus Christ. We are committed to our church and give all we are to see the gospel advance.


God loves a cheerful giver and we willingly lay down everything for the advancement of the Kingdom.


As the body of Christ, we work to raise the standard; with diligence and merit we aim to glorify God with a spirit of excellence.


Simplicity is powerful. With gladness and simplicity of heart, we desire to grow in our faith without overcomplicating the message.


We are a unified body of believers, made up of many parts working together with one vision to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ.


We want everyone to feel at home in One Church. We value hospitality and welcome guests with care and kindness.


We want to see all age groups glorify Christ. Not limited to one generation, we are always reaching down and pouring in to the next.


The church is not advanced through the efforts of a few, but rather through the empowerment of many in their God-given roles.


We serve a creative God. We want the church to be a place that unleashes creativity and promotes forward thinking.

what we BELIEVE

Our statement of faith is a declaration of foundational Christian truths and serve as spiritual guidelines that shape and govern our core beliefs and values as a church and does not exhaust the extent of our beliefs. The holy scriptures, as inspired and infallible Word of God, is the final source, highest authority and blueprint reference for all doctrine. Our beliefs are not meant to exclude those who do not necessarily affirm them. We remain approachable and open to discuss doctrinal subjects on all fronts in the true Christian spirit of humility and brotherly love.

meet the TEAM

Get to know the humble men and women at the core and forefront of ECAN-Stuttgart

Pastoral and Leadership Board

Steve Omo-Azugbene

Resident Pastor

He is an evangelist with a very strong prophetic gift. He is endowed with a unique deliverance grace and God has been using him extensively to set many captives free from satanic bondages and afflictions. He has been working in the vineyard of the Lord for over 15 years and is senior pastor in ECAN-Stuttgart. His deliverance ministration has brought hope to millions around the world.

Joseph Ojatabu


He is a man called by God to teach believers the hidden mysteries of God’s kingdom. He is known by his bible study students as a man with the ‘Word’. He has a very strong teaching and deliverance grace and in depth knowledge of the Supernatural. His apostolic missions for over 20 years has brought Revival and strength to many churches and Ministries around the globe. He is a senior pastor in ECAN-Stuttgart.

Aaron Tanyi


He is a prophetic voice with a unique anointing for nations. His zeal and passion for the Kingdom align with Gods vision to raise a Supernatural culture and new breed of sons and daughters of God who will walk in unspeakable realms and dimensions, establishing God’s kingdom in the nations of the earth. He is president of Reach Out Int’l, a ministry that hosts several events including Judgment Night and Power Bootcamp. He is a prophet voice in ECAN-Stuttgart.

Mark Gomez


He is an evangelist powerfully gifted with thongs. His worship in thongs bring down the Holy saints and Holy angels of the Lord. His gift of wisdom has earned him the name ‘Wiseman’ among believers in the church. He has served as evangelist for over 20 years and is always ready to save souls for the Kingdom.

John Tabi


A passionate evangelist with a unique preaching anointing. He is driven by the desire to see souls saved through motivational messages, praise and worship. His evangelistic ministry has been winning souls to the Kingdom of God for over 15 years.

Ruth Omo-Azugbene


An passionate worshipper and wife to pastor Steve Omo-Azugbene, Pastor Ruth has a unique calling in the children’s ministry. Her unique angelic dance and ministration is awe-inspiring and spirit-uplifting. She has been pastoring in ECAN-Stuttgart for over 10 years.


Perpetua Shaba


A mother, a counselor and prophetess, she has served in ministry for over 15 years and is active in ECAN-Stuttgart.

Jacqueline Geh


She is an evangelist with a burden to see the lost saved and to prepare the bride for the Lord’s return in glory. Ordained in ECAN-Stuttgart, she is a unique voice and pillar to the ministry.

Administrative Board