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A Welcome Word From The Pastors

Welcome to the Evangelical Church of All Nations (ECAN) website. We are glad you have chosen to spend a few moments here, discovering our church ‘family’ and ‘community’.

We are a group of committed people who have taken the decision to following Jesus. We worship Him with joy and passion. We are a house of prayer, of solution and of encounters with the Lord Jesus. Our love for Him is visible through our generosity, compassion and sacrifice with the people and we hope that all people will feel loved and welcomed at ECAN Stuttgart.

While spending time with us, we pray that you will encounter God in His Fulness and come to total surrender to His will. Come as you are and allow the Holy Spirit to transform your life.

As you browse our website, you will find out about our programs and get a glimpse of who we are. To fully meet us and have a wonderful time in God’s presence, join our worship services and spend time with the family. We love to meet you and know you.

The Full Gospel

The Gospel is not old-fashioned. Jesus is not dead. He is the same LORD of yesterday, today and forever. His power to save, to heal, to deliver, to restore and to bless all men is still at work mightily in our midst. Where do you need his touch in your life?

What to Expect

Expect to meet a family of believers who are excited and passionate for Jesus. ECAN is an arena of supernatural, life-changing encounters. Come under the atmosphere of the heavenly family on earth; where God, his holy angels, saints and men fellowship together.


Do you have a call upon your life to serve or a longing to grow in the faith or discover how to impart your generation for Jesus by joining a church group? There are plenty of opportunities available.

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We are excited and glad at your decision to visit us, knowing fully well that no one comes to God and goes back the same way. You won’t regret it.

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