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There is room for you to grow and impact a life by putting into effective use the gift of God in your life in a church group. Feel free to contact the church secretary or group leaders for further inquiries

Men's Ministry

God needs able men to entrust the stewardship of His kingdom projects. Discover how to partner with God as a man to achieve this.

Women ministry

Women are special, indispensable vessels of virtue and glory for God's work. Discover your value, your place and your purpose in Christ


The youths are the power house of this generation. God is raising up end-time soldiers for a global kingdom take-over. Be a part of it

ecan kids

Children are a blessing from God and we are committed to laying a godly foundation today to ensure a successful God-centred destiny tomorrow


Church life is exciting. There is always something new and we would love to be a part of that special occasion.


We are delighted at your interest to join ECAN-Stuttgart. God definitely has great things in store for you. Let's get started


Baptism symbolically represents the transformation that has taken place in our lives through our personal faith in Christ.


Two people decide to present and bless their marriage before God in the church. It is spiritual as God is invited to be the center of their union as the church witnesses the exchange of marital vows. We counsel, assist, promote and encourage marrying in church as as a godly standard.


As a church and family, we extend our love and sympathy to the bereaved when a member or a loved one has died. Prayers and well wishes are offered to the family. A funeral mass is conducted by the church at the family premises and at the graveyard to give a final welfare.


When a child is born, the parents bring the child to the church for dedication. It is the desire of the parents to commit this child unto the Lord and His service.


There is always a reason to give God thanks and express our heartfelt gratitude for all his goodness and mercy in our lives. Thanksgiving glorifies God and gladdens his heart.